Do you want to row in ASR?

The rowing club isn’t exclusively for students – despite our name.

Every year we host an information meeting in early Spring, where curious newcomers (“rabbits”) and migrates (rowers who have previously achieved the right to row in other rowing clubs and bring their certificate) can sign up for the spring instruction, which starts at the beginning of April.

Normally this event is held in March. The specific date will be posted on this webpage and on our Facebookpage around February. The location for the event is: Fiskerivej 7, 8000 Aarhus C. Write to us here, if you want a “heads up” when we have the specific date.

Interested parties, who’ve attended the information meeting are first in line to get rowing instruction. Thereafter those who haven’t attended the information meeting will be offered instruction to the extend the rowing club’s capacity permits.

Instruction – start up

The instruction course is provided by unpaid members who’ve received special training enabling them to teach others how to row. Each year we are hosting two instruction/introduction days which were mandatory for new rowers.

You will need to attend on one of these days. We start in the morning, so that we have lots of time to do the instruction. Expect this to take all day. You´ll get a chance to meet the other “rabbits”, and get out in one (or more) of our rowing boats – so we´’re  sure that time will fly by quickly 🙂

Unfortunately we don´’t have unlimited space on these introduction days, so you need to sign up to attend. You can sign up at the information meeting in early spring.

Instruction course

After you have attended one of the introduction days, you are ready to come to our scheduled “instructions”. During Spring and early Summer we have fixed time slots for the instruction  where you simply show up at Fiskerivej 7 at a set time.

The instruction days are:

Tuesday at 5 pm (17.00)

Thursday at 6 pm (18.00)

Sunday at 10 am (10.00)

One instruction usually takes between 1,5 and up to 3 hours.

As a rabbit you’ll need to receive instruction 7 to 10 times before you can get your certificate. Apart from that you have to do a swim test of 300 meters and be able to put on a life jacket (at the indoor swimming pool). Hereafter you can row as much as you want, as long as you have a trained coxswain in the boat. Once you’ve been trained to be a K1-coxswain yourself, you can go rowing with all your new rowing mates from ASR.

We recommend that you (in the beginning at least) set time aside twice a week to go rowing, so that you don´t forget too much between instructions.

We hope that you’ll be happy rowing in ASR! Our advice is: Be active and happy, join one of the committees, come to the parties, plan trips and parties, and enjoy all your new friendships. All the good you bring to ASR, you get back ten-fold! It’s a guarantee!

Membership fee

The price for being a member for one season (from may to may) is as follows:

  • Students: 1350,-
  • Seniors: 1800,-
  • Passive members: 200,-
  • 5-trip (a seniority of 5 years or more required): 550,-
  • Locker at the harbour: 50,-
  • 65+ membership: 1350,-
  • Chip key for Brabrand: 100,-
  • PhD. students count as seniors

You can pay the membership fee to mobilepay number 89270 or with banktransfer to reg. nr. 2211, account 0722 288 319.
Remember to write your name and membernumber so we know who the money is from. 

Any questions regarding payment should be directed at kassereren.

Already a member?

Here you can find the “handbook for rabbits” in English.

Should you have any further questions regarding the instruction course, please send an email to us. 

We look forward to rowing with you!