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The rowing club isn’t exclusively for students – despite our name.

Every year we host information meetings in March, where curious newcomers (rabbits) and migrates (rowers who have previously achieved the right to row in other rowing clubs and bring their certificate) can sign up for the spring instruction, which start at the beginning of April.

The number of new members vary with the number of volunteer instructors, but the majority who sign up at the information meetings will usually get an instructor right away. If the rowing club doesn’t have the capacity to offer  instruction to all who’ve signed up, the lucky ones wil be chosen by simple drawing of lots.  People who’ve registered, but can’t get an instructor the first time around will be first in line in case for any empty spots that might open up during the rest of the spring or during a possible instruction period in late summer.

Migrates usually come first, because they don’t need the same amount of instruction.

After the information meetings we’ll open up for more sign-ups on asr.dk, so people who hasn’t attended the information meetings can sign up on the webpage.

Interested parties, who’ve attended he information meetings are first in line to get an instructor. Thereafter those who haven’t attended the information meetings will be offered instruction to the extend the rowing club’s capacity permits.

Consequently you increase your chances of getting a spot significantly by attending the information meetings. Unfortunately we can’t make any exceptions from this rule.

In 2018 the introduction meeting will be on Saturday 24th of March and Sunday 8th of April at 11 AM. It’s only necessary to attend one of these evenings.

The adresse for this event is: fiskerivej 7, 8000 Aarhus C.


The instruction is provided by unpaid members who’ve received special training enabling them to teach others to row. Together with one or a few other new members (called rabbits) you’ll get assigned to one or two instructors. Together you’ll arrange when the instruction will take place, which makes a flexible arrangement for everyone.

As a rabbit you’ll need to receive instruction at least seven times before you can get your certificate. One instruction will usually last between 1,5 and up to 3 hours. Apart from that you have to do a swim test of 300 meters and be able to put on a life jacket (at the indoor swimming pool). After that you can row as much as you want as long as you have a trained coxswain in the boat, until you’ve been trained to be a K1-coxswain yourself.

We cannot promise your a complete course in english (note that our trainers are unpaid), and in any case you will have to learn all commands in danish for safety reasons.

We hope, you’ll be happy rowing in ASR! Our advice will be: Be active and happy, join one of the committees, come to the parties, plan trips and parties, enjoy all your new friendships. all the good you bring to ASR, you get back ten-fold! It’s a guarantee! If you have any questions you can get your answer from the instructors or us.


The contingent for the 2018 season is as follows:

  • Students: 1300,-
  • Seniors: 1750,-
  • Passive members: 200,-
  • 5-trip contingent (A seniority of 5 years or more required): 500,-
  • Locker at the harbour: 50,-
  • 65+ membership: 1250,-
  • Chip key for Brabrand: 100,-
  • PhD. students count as seniors

If you’re a new member you’re entitled to two trial turns in the rowing boats with your instructor. When you reach your third trip you have to show a receipt for the payment of your contingent to your instructor. All new members have to pay a fee of 50 kr for a key, that’ll give you free access to the club house. Remember, du NEED to write your membership number, type and key in betalingsinfo (payment info) for your payment to be registered correctly.

If you sign up after the first of September you’ll only be charged half of the contingent.

Questions should be directed to the cashier (kasseren)

Best regards

Nicolaj Zefting og Sofie Holm Christensen
Heads of instruktion.